What is the best water bottle type? Plastic vs. glass water bottles


When you reach for a bottle of water on the go you’ve probably not put much thought into what’s housing your H2O. That is, until now! 

In recent years, there has been mounting research into the harmful effects that plastic water bottles can have on our health and wellbeing.

As a result, clued-up customers are now wondering why plastic bottles are so bad for us, and what is the best alternative?

Plastic water bottles contain harmful chemicals

When you go into a shop or supermarket, plastic is still the material of choice for the vast majority of our bottled drinks. Plastic bottles are easy to transport and cheap to produce. 

It’s widely known that plastic is bad for the environment. Yet even bottles made out of recycled plastic still harbour the same harmful chemicals that make plastic an unwise choice when it comes to your bottle of water.

The key issue with consuming water and other drinks from plastic water bottles is that they contain a chemical called Bisphenol A or BPA.

This chemical seeps into the water when we drink it and is said to lead to hormonal issues and even contribute to the development of diseases such as cancer (Spear, 2012). 

So even if the quality of the water in bottled water is better, this is offset by the fact that it’s housed in something that contains chemicals known to be harmful for human consumption.

This is why plastic is not the best material for your water bottle.

Glass water bottles are a safer, healthier alternative 

If you’ve been shopping around for alternatives to plastic water bottles, you’ve likely come across numerous metal or glass water bottles. 

Glass water bottles are the best choice for several reasons. Glass is an inert material that doesn’t release anything nasty into the water.

They are also far more sustainable than plastic water bottles. When glass is recycled it can be melted down and made into products that are the exact same standard as before.

When plastic is recycled, the toxins re-enter the market in concentrations that are above safe levels and endanger human health and the environment.

Flaska water bottles are changing the way we consume water

When it comes to the best glass water bottle, we highly recommend Flaska

We place so much emphasis on the quantity of the water we drink, but not enough thought goes into the quality.

Not all glass water bottles are created equally, and Flaska are not only experts in sustainable glass manufacture but they’re experts in the benefits of drinking restructured water too. 

Flaska glass bottles were developed as a sustainable way to give you the most crisp, healthy water drinking experience possible using proven, scientific methods.

When you drink from a Flaska bottle, the vibrational structure of the water changes due to its unique shape. This brings the water molecules closer to the structure of spring water, i.e water in its most natural environment.

This restructuring of water can happen from any kind of water that’s placed into the bottle - tap water or filtered.

All you have to do is pour water into the Flaska bottle, wait for five minutes, shake your bottle (water loves movement), take your time and enjoy the taste.

Learn more about water restructuring and Flaska’s fascinating company history.

We’re confident that you’ll love Flaska just as much as we do!

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