More Than Just a DETOX!


In recent years the word detox has become synonymous with lots of misinformation given because products and ingredients available were based on flawed and questionable research.

So why should Toxaprevent, a patented product based on binding and removing
toxins, be any different?

Toxaprevent is different because it uses a clinically tested, patented and proven
ingredient based on Zeolite-Clinoptilolite named MANC® (Modified Activated Natural Clinoptilolite), a naturally occurring volcanic substance, which is not only clean and safe to use but modified and activated to maximise its binding effect.

Toxaprevent is patented to bind and remove these toxins from the body and the

• Histamine
• Ammonium
• Heavy metals
• Aluminium
• Cadmium
• Dimethylamine

Toxaprevent is classed as a medical device as it is not in any way metabolised by
the body because the particle size of MANC® (6-10 microns) prevents it from being absorbed into the body. It works by using a purely physical process called ion exchange whereby the negatively charged MANC® particles attract and absorb positively charged toxins. In other words, it simply removes toxic substances without interfering in our body’s physiological processes and without removing our bodies natural minerals, which has been proven in two separate safety and efficacy reports.

Toxaprevent is a safe and easy way to detoxify the gut and relieve the liver and
kidneys of these toxins without any direct side effects noted. It simply binds the
toxins and removes them safely via natural bowel movements.

TOXAPREVENT® Medi PLUS Sachets – Targeted towards the stomach
TOXAPREVENT® Medi PURE Capsules – Targeted towards the intestines and

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