Systemic Enzymes

Systemic enzymes occur throughout the body in every organ and system. Enzymes are biocatalysts that accelerate the activity of other processes. If we did not have enzymes, every activity would be incredibly slow in our bodies. Systemic enzymes have many functions ranging from defending our bodies against inflammation and viruses to eating scar tissue and fibrosis, clearing out the blood of toxins, dead material and garbage, restoring balance, protecting the immune system and accelerating activity of natural body processes such as digestion and elimination.

Blood carries not only oxygen but also everything that needs to be eliminated out of the body. Systemic enzymes improve circulation by eating the excess fibrin that causes blood to thicken up, resulting in the formation of clots and diseases. Enzymes help eliminate these issues and thus keep blood flowing smoothly through the body. 

Enzymes are adaptogenic and help restore a steady state to the body. If the immune system is not functioning well, we become susceptible to infectious disease and if it is over-functions, then the system creates antibodies that will attack its own tissues. 

Supplements that contain systemic enzymes are often used to build up the body’s defences, support immunity, restore balance, improve blood circulation, clear out toxins and accelerate digestion and elimination.