About Us

Supplement Hub is a supplier of over a hundred premium nutritional supplement brands. We are based in Sheffield and deliver to customers throughout the UK and internationally. We strive to encourage health and wellbeing through everything we do. Our team of nutritionists are available to offer general advice over the web chat feature and via email at info@supplementhub.com

The founder of Supplement Hub, David Brassey, holds a Post-Graduate Diploma in Nutritional Therapy and regularly attends seminars to keep up to speed with the latest developments in the field of nutrition and its role in providing alternative natural healthcare solutions for chronic diseases. When David initially started his practice, he had difficulty sourcing nutritional supplements for his patients that had optimal levels of the very highest quality active ingredients. This took him on a long journey to find suppliers who could provide products that not only had therapeutic benefits but were also manufactured to strict industry guidelines. David continues to personally vet every brand before it is made available on our websites.


You may have heard of our sister site, Amrita Nutrition, which is designed for qualified practitioners and their clients. Supplement Hub was launched in 2018 as a sister site to Amrita Nutrition. Both are operated by parent company Functional Nutrition, established in 2007 (Company Registration 06418561).

If you are working with a nutritional practitioner, we strongly advise you register on Amrita Nutrition as they may recommend exclusive products.