Allimed Liquid | 250ml

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  • Convenient, easy to digest liquid form
  • Rich in naturally occurring allicin from pure garlic
  • May support healthy heart and brain function and good vision
  • May support improved circulation and protect against infection
  • Special manufacturing process using only water harvests pure allicin

Allimax is an American brand based in Chicago that provides sustainably harvested supplements.

  • Most of our products are gluten-free
  • Do not contain flavouring, salt or preservatives
  • Do not contain artificial colours
  • Vegan-friendly

This formulation of Allimed is in easy to digest, liquid form. Enjoy all the benefits of garlic’s most powerful by-product allicin. Allicin is a naturally occurring compound that is created when sulfur released after fresh garlic is cut or crushed, instantly combines with an enzyme called allinase. Allicin is the component in garlic that produces all the healthy benefits associated with garlic. Garlic has been consumed for centuries due to the powerful benefits of allicin, that has been known to support improved circulation and protect against infection. Allicin may also support a healthy heart and brain function and good vision.

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Water and allicin liquid.


  • Not recommended for use by pregnant or lactating women.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  •  If you are allergic, intolerant, or hypersensitive to garlic do not take Allimed® Liquid 250ml.


  • This product needs to be refrigerated 


Starting dose is 1ml per day rising to a maximum of 3 x 5ml daily. More can be taken if required

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