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Amy Myers MD

Complete Omega-3 - 60 Softgels | Amy Myers MD

Complete Omega 3 is one of the purest, highest potency fish oils available. Omega 3 can help support your body’s inflammatory response, healthy vision and mood, as well as brain function and heart healt.

• Can improve joint comfort

• Supports the body’s inflammatory response

• Can help maintain healthy vision

• May optimise brain function

• 170% more bioavailable than other brands

• Supports glowing skin and a heart health

The extraction of Amy Myers Complete Omega 3 is done without solvents, heat or oxygen, to ensure the integrity of the oil obtained. This formulation contains 67% more DHA than Amy Myers’ previous formulation. The fish oil is non-GMO, certified sustainable from pristine waters, and antibiotic-free.

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