Duanwood Reishi (10:1 Concentrated Extract Powder) - 30g

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Duanwood Reishi Mushroom is one of the most famous tonic herbs of all time and has been used for thousands of years to promote the healthy functioning of the immune system, fight stress and increase vitality.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Reishi Mushroom is often referred to as "The Mushroom Of Immortality"

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The Legend Of Reishi Mushroom

In ancient Taoist texts, Reishi Mushrooms were said to bring happiness and health to those who consumed it. Taoist Priests would often include Reishi Mushroom in their potions to grant long and healthy life.

Legend has it that once the Emperor heard of the healing powers of Reishi, he sent a fleet of ships of 300 men and women to bring it back to him from the mountains. The ship did not reach its destination but ended up on an island and the men and women founded a new nation there. According to the legend, the island was Japan.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Reishi Mushroom?

Reishi Mushrooms are often prescribed in Traditional Chinese Medicine to strengthen the immune system, relieve stress and promote vitality, healthy ageing and well-being. They are extremely rich in Polysaccharides, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

In Ancient China, it was said that Reishi could calm the mind, strengthen the heart and build wisdom. It has often been favoured ""the ultimate anti-stress herb"", as many mountain hermits, monks, spiritual seekers and Taoist adepts would seek it due to its ability to calm the mind, aid meditation and promote sound, healthy sleep. 

Throughout time, Reishi Mushroom has been immortalised in paintings, statues and the robes of emperors, such is the esteem that it is held. Therefore, Reishi Mushroom is considered by many to be one of the greatest herbs of all time.

Why Choose Hybrid Herbs Reishi Mushroom Extract Powder?

  • Wood Grown - Hybrid Herbs Reishi Mushroom is grown on wood in its natural surroundings, so they are 100% natural with nothing added or taken away
  • High Potency Extract - We take 10 pounds of only the Highest class of Reishi Mushrooms and concentrate them into one pound of extract powder, delivering the highest potency Reishi Mushroom in just a single serving.
  • Add To Smoothies, Teas And Foods- Hybrid Herbs Reishi Mushroom has already been properly extracted, so simply add to your favourite smoothies, teas or sprinkle on foods and enjoy. It has a distinct woody, bitter taste - characteristics present in only the Highest Quality Reishi Mushrooms.

How Do I Use Reishi Mushroom Powder?

Traditionally, reishi mushrooms would require hours of careful preparation in order to create a palatable product that could be easily digested. We carefully prepare the mushrooms for you to provide a highly concentrated and pure extract powder that is ready to be used. Simply add half to one teaspoon of our duanwood red reishi to warm water, smoothies or juices.

Servings Per Pack: Around 30

Ingredients: Duanwood Red Reishi 10:1 concentrated extract powder.

Concentration: 10:1

Other Ingredients: None

Simply add 1/2 - 1 teaspoon of our Duanwood Red Reishi to warm water, or your favourite beverage of choice and consume. Increase/decrease dosage as necessary.

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