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We have been cooperating with the Dr. Masaru Emoto laboratory from Tokyo for a long time now. They produced the water crystal photographs of the water which came from Flaska water bottle. With the Flaska Emoto Peace Project Edition, we are taking our collaboration to a whole new level. Flaska has become a partner of the Emoto Peace Project and part of the proceeds from the sale of this model will be donated for the publishing of the children’s version of the book The Message from Water.

The water crystal, which is engraved on the Flaska bottle protective cork sleeve, formed after Dr. Masaru Emoto exposed the water to the positive effect of the words “Love & Gratitude”.

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  • Made from glass
  • Programmed glass for structured water
  • 3mm neoprene protective sleeve protects Flaska from breaking and helps to keep the water cool
  • No leakage
  • Health & environmentally friendly
  • Made in Slovenia, EU

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