Flore Microbiome Collection Kit | Tots (1-3)
Flore Microbiome Collection Kit | Tots (1-3)
Flore Microbiome Collection Kit | Tots (1-3)
Flore Microbiome Collection Kit | Tots (1-3)
Flore Microbiome Collection Kit | Tots (1-3)

Flore Microbiome Collection Kit | Tots (1-3)

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Day 1: We ship your microbiome collection kit as soon as you order.

Day 2-10: You collect and return your stool sample to the Floré lab. They only require that you are not on antibiotics, or have consumed alcohol before providing the sample. Otherwise, the sooner you send Floré your sample the sooner they get on preparing your custom formula!

Day 11-27: Your sample goes through extraction and DNA sequencing. Floré scientists analyse your gut microflora and formulate, lab-craft and select the strains for your personalised gut supplement. Each formula is carefully crafted from an inventory of over 120+ clinically validated Prebio & Probio strains to support your specific gut health needs. Your personalised formula is made in house.

Day 28-30: Your personalised gut supplement reaches your door with a cold pack and ready for you to start your gut health journey! Floré also send it in eco-friendly and re-usable packaging.

Technology used: Whole Genome Sequencing 

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A fully custom gut supplement made with Prebio & Probio live bacteria blended with digestive enzymes and botanical ingredients tailored for your gut using our next generation gut testing technology.

Understand your gut. Discover the specific DNA that reside within your gut microbiome. Understand the strains of bacteria present, identify missing probiotics, digestive enzymes and gain an insight into what foods would be beneficial or detrimental to create an environment favourable to optimise your health.

When Floré have your test results you will be sent an online report which allows you to see what is in your gut. Your report will show you all the good and bad bacteria, including any fungi, yeast, archaea and parasites that may make up your gut.

Using next generation technology, Floré create a personalised gut supplement containing live Probio & Prebio bacteria, blended with digestive enzymes based on your analysis. Floré also provide you with a comprehensive online report identifying and explaining all the individual microbes that make up your microbiota.

Technology used: Whole Genome Sequencing.

Your formulation is personalised and created specifically for your gut needs. Your custom formula is crafted from a growing inventory of over 120+ strains.

When you send your sample back Floré will ask you to fill in a health & diet survey. In the survey you can select your formula as a vegetarian friendly capsule or if you have any allergies you can select it to come as a lyophilised powder.

Your personalised formula is 100% natural, vegan (optional), gluten-free, wheat-free, dairy-free non-GMO, and is formulated without artificial preservatives, additives, excipients, fillers or binders.

  1. Order your gut test kit
  2. Provide sample
  3. Sample analysis
  4. Receive your personalised Floré gut supplement

You receive 90 capsules, a 90-day supply of your custom Floré formula. You only need to take one capsule a day.