Food IgG Finger Prick Test

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Markers included are:

IgG Antibodies to 60 Foods



Reporting time:

7 days

What’s the science?

When large fragments of food (‘antigens’) pass through the gut wall, your immune system creates IgG antibodies to attach to them. These antigen-antibody complexes are deposited in body tissues, where they contribute to a range of symptoms.

Why choose this test?

  • Use the easy, at-home test kit to collect a blood sample.

  • Return the sample to the lab for analysis and discover which foods may be problematic for you.

  • Receive a report with tailored advice and resources to help you create a way of eating that works for you.

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  • A simple, at-home test kit

  • Pre-paid return envelope

  • Practitioner-reviewed results

  • Easy-to-understand test reports

  • Personalised nutrition and lifestyle advice

Each test kit includes:

1 x test instructions

1 x sample transport tube

1 x sterile swab

2 x sticking plasters

1 x blood collection tube

2 x safety lancets

1 x disposal bag

1 x clam-pack

1 x request form

1 x prepaid return envelope

To make your test results as accurate as possible, it's important you follow these guidelines.

  1. Do NOT perform the test if

  • you're pregnant

  • you're taking immunosuppressant drugs

Do NOT discontinue any medications in order to take the test. You can take a test 4–6 weeks after giving birth.

  1. Follow your normal diet before you take the test.

  1. If there's a food that you've avoided for more than 3 months but which you would like tested (e.g. cow's milk), reintroduce that food. Eat one portion of the food daily for a week before taking the test. Do NOT eat anything to which you have a known allergy.

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