LauriShield Skin Ointment | 40g

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Protect targeted skin areas prone to dryness or irritation. Combines purified emollients to lock-in moisture & provides our longest-lasting reinforcement of the skin barrier to condition & protect the skin. Protect and condition the skin with an original formula Powered by Lauricidin.

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  • 1 airless pump is up to a 4 Week Supply
  • The activated formula in a mess-free, easy-to-use application
  • Target ointment on dry, irritated or damaged skin
  • Provides moisturizing for advanced wound support
  • Long-lasting barrier promotes skin conditioning
  • Petroleum-free, paraben-free

Sunflower Oil, Lanolin, Vegetable Oil, Organic Beeswax, Lauricidin®, Lactic Acid, Sunflower Wax


  • Broken skin
  • Wounded or damaged skin
  • Sensitive-skin areas
  • Skin that needs a long-lasting barrier

Apply sparingly onto skin. Reapply as needed - for additional wound care cover with a bandage . Store at room temperature. Keep out of eyes and recommended for external use only.

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