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Serenoa Supreme - 60 Softgels | Natura Health Products

Serenoa Supreme™ provides herbal extracts with essential nutrients to promote optimal prostate health and urinary system function and enhance reproductive vitality.

• Supports healthy prostate function
• Supports normal urinary flow
• Helps maintain normal PSA levels
• Can improve nocturnal frequency
• May promote reproductive health
• Contains saw palmetto, to support normal prostate size

Serenoa Supreme™ combines potent nourishing and tonifying plant extracts with essential nutrients needed for comprehensive support of the reproductive and urinary systems, especially the male prostate gland. It contains Saw Palmetto, lycopene, nettle, pumpkin seed oil, to support prostate function by modulating the inflammatory response function in the body and help decrease oxidative stress.

Suggested use is 2 softgels daily.

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