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Dr Hishams

Vital Teeth Serum - 60g | Dr Hishams

Vital Teeth Serum is a 100% natural plant formula that helps to prevent tooth decay and cavities, while actively cleansing and breaking down plaque biofilm.

• Helps prevent tooth wear from acid erosion.
• Helps prevent cavities and tooth decay
• Colour free formula that helps prevent stains and gently whiten teeth
• Helps alleviate dry mouth and enhance natural production of saliva
• Helps create a healthy alkaline oral balance
• With probiotic activity to promote healthy bio-flora

Prebiotic formulation that helps reduce bad bacteria in the mouth, helping to prevent cavities and tooth decay. The ingredients used are 100% natural and safe to ingest. A natural non-toothpaste safe for everyone to use.

Suggested use is twice per day on a super soft brush without rinsing.

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