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  • Pure water at an optimal pH for drinking between low and mid 7.0
  • May defend against oxidative stress and premature ageing
  • May produce natural energy
  • May stop inflammation
  • May alleviate discomfort
  • May increase mental function and performance

AquaNew Water is an American brand based in Sarasota, FL that provides polarised water.

  • All-natural, 100% ultra-pure water
  • Do not contain artificial colours
  • Longer shelf life
  • High ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) so that oxygen is available
  • All products are sourced and manufactured within the U.S.

Watt-Ahh is 100% pure, polarised water for drinking that may defend against oxidative stress, produce natural energy, stop inflammation and alleviate discomfort. This water is purified in an extensive 5-stage process, resulting in a pure water product that is easily absorbed, has a longer shelf life and offers more oxygen. Watt-Ahh works naturally with cellular mitochondria, the energy batteries of our cells, leading to natural energy for improved mental function and performance. This product comes in a 1-litre bottle.

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Health and Product Development Benefits of Polarized Water

  • Electron transfer supporting mitochondrial functions
  • High ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) so that oxygen is available
  • Stabilization of compounds for longer shelf life and product efficacy
  • A linear structure that passes the blood-brain barrier without caffeine or other stimulants
  • Amplification of redox signalling for stem cells and T-cells to wound sites
  • Faster, more robust plant growth for crop production and improved animal health
  • Effective water pre-treatment for improved product quality
  • All-natural, 100% ultra-pure water

What can Watt-Ahh® do for me?

At AquaNew, we did not set out to create the best tasting water on the planet. We intended to create a solution that would promote the general health of all people and allow the body to heal diseases without the side effects of modern medicine. As scientists, we are concerned that so little attention is paid to the byproducts of reactions that take place within the body. Modern medicines bring about needed reactions, but the byproducts of these reactions create unintended side effects that are, in many cases, worse than the original problem. Our intent was to utilize modern science to restructure the water molecule to neutralize free radicals, penetrate cellular walls (effectively washing away toxic byproducts), and allow the body to heal itself the way nature intended.

As most people know, the FDA must approve any claims made by a product regarding health. This requires years and millions of dollars to be invested before the product can be marketed to those who need it most. As a result of these regulations, we make no claims regarding Watt-Ahh®. Instead, we supply you with testimonials from real people, scientific information in a language that you'll understand, and historical facts that you'll appreciate, so you can make your own decision about what's good for you.

As stated earlier, we didn't set out to make the best tasting water on the planet, it just turned out that way.

Purification Process for Watt-Ahh®

The AquaNew Purification Process involves multiple proven purification stages and a new patent-pending stage for restructuring the molecular foundation of Water. The result is Watt-Ahh®, Ultra-pure Polarized Water, that has all of the benefits of pure water, plus additional treatments intended to provide good health and wellbeing. Read more about our elaborate 5-Stage Purification ProcessYou can also read about the availability of user licenses for the operation of the WIT Machines, used in many applications, by visiting www.WaterIonTechnologies.com.

ORP Relevancy to Pure Water

ORP is simply a measure of millivolts in a solution that reflects the potential for Redox reactions when the solution comes in contact with another substance. Redox is a well-known chemical term that stands for reduction-oxidation reactions; or, to make it simple, a positive or negative reaction. A negative ORP reading indicates it will promote bacterial growth, and a positive ORP reading indicates it will prevent bacterial growth. Both characteristics are needed when dealing with water. For example, when we are dealing with wastewater, such as sewage, we want to promote the growth of bacteria; therefore, we want a negative ORP reading. On the other hand, when we are dealing with drinking water, we want to prevent bacteria growth; therefore, we want a positive ORP reading. ORP measurements have become the standard test for municipal water suppliers in recent years, and have replaced tests such as chlorine and pH, due to increased accuracy involved in an ORP reading. A positive ORP reading is relevant for Watt-Ahh® pure water because it verifies its clean, antibacterial properties.

Optimum pH for Drinking Water

The pH of pure water, including Watt-Ahh®, is within the range between low and mid 7.0. Any change in the pH of water is caused by mineral deposits suspended in the water. According to scientists at the US Department of Energy (DOE), Molecular Biology Archive, normal blood pH is about 7.35. Blood pH lower than 7.0 or higher than 8.0 may cause severe medical complications. The DOE indicates that a severe upset in blood pH (<7.25) causes disturbances in the body, which can lead to renal failure. Acidosis may occur with blood pH below 7.0, which can cause a coma.

For the other extreme, alkalosis causes the heart to beat too fast and can cause a heart attack. No one should attempt to adjust blood pH with a liquid product, including bottled water, since it gets into the bloodstream too fast, gives a quick boost of energy because the heart is beating faster, and can cause heart damage or stroke. This is what happens when someone is bitten by a snake because the venom is alkaline. A small amount of alkaline water will neither harm the human body nor improve health. Alkaloids in fresh vegetables and juices safely boost blood pH.

According to the DOE, there are a series of buffers which help the plasma resist any change in pH. Some of these include the haemoglobin in the red blood cells, other plasma proteins, the bicarbonate buffer, and the phosphate buffer. Many physiological processes influence the pH, but one of the largest contributors is the CO2 content of the blood.

Zero calories, zero sugar and caffeine, zero all other additives and artificial flavourings.


What makes Watt-Ahh® different from other bottled water?

We now have physical evidence from credible experts that Watt-Ahh® is a new crystalline-type structure carrying additional electrons. It is a unique stable structure that defends and protects against outside energy forces such as an operating computer in an office, which can degrade the benefits of other structured waters. Watt-Ahh® is what we call "Polarized" meaning it is 100% pure water with a stable structure. The unique stable structure preserves its optimum health benefits for you when you drink Watt-Ahh®.

AquaNew has the worldwide exclusive WIT Technology license used to manufacture Polarized Water for non-medical consumable products. Dioxytetrahydride Gas (water gas) is infused into ultra-pure water to make Watt-Ahh®. The stability of Dioxytetrahydride Gas-infused in water was granted a utility patent by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The unique stable structure preserves its optimum health benefits for you when you drink Watt-Ahh®.

Watt-Ahh® is effective in providing Natural Energy at the cellular level: after all, healing requires energy. It works with the mitochondria, which are the powerhouses of the cells. There is neither caffeine nor sugars typically found in energy drinks, nor low concentrations of a drug stimulant, which may be found in certain well-known energy shots. Such additives are intended to trick our brains into feeling a temporary and artificially high energy level. AquaNew's Watt-Ahh® is real, sustainable Natural Energy at the cellular level, and avoids the adverse side effects of caffeine and sugar swings. Watt-Ahh® is Natural Energy for Smart Brains.

Should I drink all of Watt-Ahh® in the bottle as soon as the cap is unsealed?

It is fine to sip throughout the day … making Watt-Ahh® distinctly different from other structured water products available on the market. Watt-Ahh® is a stable crystalline-like structure (essentially a double water molecule such that the two oxygen are covalently bonded and four hydrogens are associated with the O2 or "Dioxytetrahydride Gas" as discussed above along with a U.S. patent on its stability). It is fine to sip from the bottle and recap it to drink later in the day (or certainly more days thereafter). However, it is always advisable to store any unsealed bottle of any consumable product in a refrigerator. We tested Watt-Ahh® produced over seven years ago, samples taken both from unsealed bottles stored within our climate-controlled offices and from a spray bottle kept on a sunny Liani (or screened porch) in Florida. All samples still had the stable and active liquid crystal structure that is distinctly Watt-Ahh®.



Watt-Ahh® can be stored the same as any other bottled water. Any bottled beverage should be kept in a climate-controlled environment, preferably between 60° and 80°, since plastic can outgas at higher temperatures. Plastic bottles should never be frozen because either the bottle or cap can crack upon thawing. If a bottle gets hot, the best bet is to open the cap on the bottle and place in the refrigerator to allow for any outgassing to release (this should not affect the quality of the water, itself).


A bit about the bottles

Bisphenol A is a chemical used worldwide in making the epoxy lining that coats the inside of containers holding thousands of foods and beverages. These containers include shatter-resistant bottles, reusable sports bottles and water filtration systems, which are typically made from polycarbonate plastic.

Most aluminium containers have a coating that uses BPA to avoid metallic corrosion and contamination and increase the shelf life of food and beverage products. Soda and tomato-based products are examples of acidic merchandise that affect the integrity of metal containers without such linings. All packaging components that come into contact either with food or beverages must undergo safety assessments and stringent testing to be permitted for use by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and other regulatory authorities. Reports from recent FDA studies suggest the possibility that BPA exposure may cause health problems, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes as well as developmental and reproductive disorders.

In 2008, Canada became the first country to ban the use of BPA in the manufacturing of baby bottles, followed by France and Denmark in 2010, the European Food and Safety Authority (EFSA) in 2011 and the FDA in 2012.

Is Bisphenol A (BPA) in the plastic bottles containing Watt-Ahh®?

No. We use the best food-safe plastic made from polyethene terephthalate (PETE1). No BPA is used in the manufacturing of PETE1 bottles.

Can the PETE1 bottles be recycled?

Yes. PETE1 bottles are highly recyclable, hygienic, break resistant and perfect for retaining the benefits of Watt-Ahh®. Look for PETE1, PET1 or 1 inside a triangular shape on the bottom of plastic bottles and other food and beverage containers for the best quality plastic. We remind our customers to recycle in order to keep our environment clean.

Can glass containers be used to bottle the Polarized Water?

No. The porous inside surface of a glass bottle will likely absorb infused Dioxytetrahydride Gas over time and the water will lose some of its polarized quality. It is fine to pour Watt-Ahh® into a glass container for drinking; however, glass is not optimum for storing Watt-Ahh® over time.

We have other concerns about the use of glass bottles including potential damage due to breaking glass and the higher cost for our product delivery to our customers including shipping since the glass will add extra weight compared to PETE1 bottles that we use.

Are plant-based bottles a better alternative?

No. Plant-based bottles (e.g., soy and corn) affect the world's food supply and must have a dedicated industrial mulching system, separate from the recycling process of other plastics. Additionally, the manufacturers do not recommend these types of bottles to be used in containing water.

The mulching process involves high energy consumption of heat to boil the plant-based bottles for approximately two days, and then shedding and mixing into the soil. Most plant-based bottles are sold to institutions and cruise lines that have mulching or high-heat processes for handling these types of bottles. Plant-based bottles have additional concerns of being less sturdy for stacking and shipping and may have a tendency to collapse and leak. Plant-based bottles are less tolerant to heat when compared to oil-based plastic bottles and must not be placed in hot cars.

How much Watt-Ahh® should I drink daily?

We recommend at least one serving (or 8 oz) per average size person, daily. For purposes of optimum hydration and detoxification, we recommend one to two 16.9 oz. of Watt-Ahh® bottles each day. Some doctors recommend between ½ gallon and 1 full gallon (or 3.78 liters) on a daily basis for detoxification depending upon their patient's weight and medical condition. It is fine to use other types of drinking water to achieve the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommendation of at least 8-10 cups of water per day for adults, depending upon activity levels.

Additional daily use of Watt-Ahh® is an individual decision, depending upon health condition and activity level, and may assist in purging the body's systems of unwanted contaminants. We have learned through our own experiences and testimonials from others that drinking Watt-Ahh® while taking daily vitamins and medications seems to prompt more efficient absorption of the vitamins and medications in the body. Please note that those people taking multiple medications daily, should first become aware of how their body reacts to "more efficient absorption" of medications and nutrients, which is likely to occur during the first few weeks of drinking Watt-Ahh® with their medication intake. We understand that prescription medicines prior to coming on the market are tested assuming 100% absorption by the human body to achieve FDA approval. Again, please consult with your licensed healthcare practitioner should you have any medical or health concerns including the possibility of a more efficient absorption of your medicines when drinking Watt-Ahh®. Or better yet, it may be best to avoid drinking the Water while taking your medicine and instead use it when you take nutritional supplements for optimum cellular absorption.

Can I give Watt-Ahh® to my children?

Yes. We recommend a serving (4 to 8 oz.) or more of Watt-Ahh® consumed by children, based upon their age, weight, activity levels and health for purposes of hydration and detoxification. We encourage everyone to follow the Food and Drug Administration's recommendations for water ingestion by children, as well as adults.

How long does it take to detoxify the body?

Increased levels of consumption of Watt-Ahh® may assist those with serious health problems through a faster rate of detoxification. Based on blood tests given to some chemotherapy patients, it may take approximately six weeks to detoxify the average adult body, drinking at least one bottle of Watt-Ahh® daily. Should you have any questions on assuring optimum efficiency in any medical treatment such as chemotherapy, please consult your medical provider on the recommended daily volume and timing for consuming Watt-Ahh® (e.g., before, during and after chemotherapy).

Are there any side effects of detoxification?

On occasion, we hear back from first-time customers wondering why they experienced a temporary headache during the initial days of drinking Watt-Ahh®. It may come as a surprise to them to realize that they are actually detoxifying and their headache is likely a symptom of healing. Read more about how pain can be a sign of healing.

Since we do not know how toxic an individual might be, it is recommended to start slow with a daily amount between 8 oz. and a full bottle (16.9 oz.) for the initial few days. You are the best judge on what makes you feel good and you will eventually know the optimum daily volume of Watt-Ahh® that is best for your good health.


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