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Ebony's journey to better health: Weeks 3 & 4

Ebony is a 39-year-old self-employed small business owner and mother to two boys. She creates and sells gifts, cards, prints, keepsakes, and homeware through her small business, Dotty Black. In April, she sat down for a health consultation with one of our practitioners, Aletta Sørensen, who put together a nutrition plan and recommended a few supplements to help Ebony improve her health.


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Week 3

This plan is really becoming a way of life for me now.
I feel no temptations to eat anything other than what is recommended. I have reached for protein bars this week for times when I feel like I need them, based on what Aletta recommended. I was craving them because of a few late-night deadlines and not much time to spare.
I did experience respiratory problems with my chest in the middle of the week due to a severe lack of sleep for two days running, due to meeting deadlines for work.
I realise that my nutrition goes hand in hand with good sleep, and this week was a prime example. Pleased to say I was back to feeling my healthy self again by the weekend!
I am still not drinking enough water, although it’s a work in progress as I understand its importance. I have upped the amount of fruit tea I’m drinking though; this is due to the fact I really like them!
I’ve been making plans to try going back to a boot camp I used to go to in 2019 and early 2020. I could never consider this before, but I really feel like something has completely shifted in my body in these past 3 weeks, and plan to try it out again in a few weeks. It’s amazing to think this has happened so quickly.

Week 4

Another wonderful week!
I have experienced a little more burning in my chest this week (like last week, after pulling a very late couple of nights of work). The only thing I ate different to the norm was hazelnuts, so I don’t know if they were a trigger for me.
I’m finding that I’m ready for sleep at a regular time of night, I think this is possibly down to the fact I’m no longer snacking on high-sugar snacks late at night anymore. What a victory, as I am usually a night owl.
My sleep feels more consistent, rather than up and down. My weight hasn’t changed since week one, so I know I’m getting plenty of good fats in my diet and my fatigue has never returned since starting this nutrition plan.
I’m still loving this plan I’m on. It’s transformed the way I think about food and what I consume. I have far more energy.
This weekend I went to Center Parcs and cycled the entire weekend, as well as swam and peddling the family on a pedal (paddle boat). I know this would have triggered my fatigue prior to this action plan!
If you're interested in learning more about Ebony's journey, or would like to share your own, reach out to