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Kenogen is an American company based upon the studies of Dr. Raymond Peat that provides high-quality natural supplements focused on healing women’s bodies by naturally balance hormones and protecting against the side effects of excess estrogen. All ingredients are carefully researched and sourced in-house to ensure consistent high quality. Dr. Raymond Peat has a Ph.D. in Biology from the University of Oregon and began working with progesterone and other related hormones in 1968, which he believes are protectors of the body's structure and energy against the harmful effects of estrogen, radiation, stress, and lack of oxygen. All Kenogen products are free of gluten, dairy, GMO, binders, additives, fillers, artificial ingredients and chemicals, Kenogen products are based on extensive scientific research. Each product contains hormones such as progesterone along with natural ingredients such as herbs and botanicals, that are carefully sourced and then manufactured in GMP facilities in the United States, while tested for purity and efficacy by third parties. Kenogen products relieve symptoms such as hot flashes, cramping, PMS, ovarian cysts; support healthy menstrual cycles and menopause in younger and older women; and support memory and brain function and anti-ageing. Kenogen takes a scientific approach to its product line. All of the ingredients used and products are based on extensive research. Since their launch in 2012, Kenogen has grown its product line and distribution and is now available in a growing list of health stores in the United States and abroad. High-quality products sourced from fresh herbs and botanicals Free of binders, additives, fillers, artificial ingredients or chemicals Most products are free of milk, eggs, fish, shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, gluten and soy GMP manufacturing facilities Third-party testing for purity and efficacy Based on scientific research For more information, please visit Contact: