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High-performing products you can trust. Superior Benefit As ageing doesn't start at the surface, Y&E specialise in innovative products that address the causes of ageing at a cellular level. Y&E pride themselves on being among those pioneering the anti-ageing and longevity process. Ingredients Matter. You deserve products that only offer nothing less than the highest quality, purity and potency. Backed By Science Y&E only sell high-performing products that are backed by science and rooted in years of rigorous research. Y&E go where the science leads them with the primary objective to help you live longer, healthier and happier. Y&E were the first company to have their NMN product tested in a UK lab for quality & purity using the most advanced testing methods. Natural & Sustainable Y&E source products that are, where possible, plant-based and natural in origin. Y&E packaging is recyclable, and eco-friendly. Y&E products have been heavy metal tested. Heavy metal contamination in supplements is a very real and serious issue.