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Fulvic Detox - 946ml | Mother Earth Labs

Fulvic Detox contains highly purified Fulvic Acid with 90% more open and free binding sites to capture toxins for easy removal from the body.

• Support cellular detoxification processes
• High antioxidant activity
• Support nutrient absorption in cells
• Helps to support the lymphatic system
• Helps to recharge cellular membranes and mitochondria
• Can help relieve acne

Mother Earth Labs’ Fulvic Detox provides gentle cellular detoxification support. When used topically, Fulvic Detox helps soothe irritated skin, acne, and more. Fulvic Detox molecules bind with toxins before they can be absorbed (or reabsorbed) into cells. Fulvic has naturally high antioxidant activities to help neutralize free radicals and minimize the cellular damage and inflammation they can cause.

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