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ProBiota HistaminX - 60 Capsules | Seeking Health

ProBiota HistaminX is a probiotic supplement for people with histamine intolerance. It supports the gut microbiome but excludes the probiotic strains that can contribute to raised histamine levels.

• Supports the gut microbiome and helps to improve diversity in the gut

• Does not contain strains that can raise histamine levels

• Supports the immune system

• Contributes to a healthy histamine response

• Supports healthy lungs, nose and airways

• Supports healthy inflammatory responses

ProBiota HistaminX support gut health in individuals that are sensitive to histamine. Following a low histamine diet can be difficult and may deprive the body of key nutrients. Gut health is key in maintaining healthy histamine levels around the body. The formula in ProBiota HistaminX excludes bacteria strains that can raise histamine levels and supports the gut microbiome without raising histamine production in the gut. A balanced microbiome contributes to better overall health and a stronger immune system. This supplement can help relief allergic symptoms, and seasonal discomfort, contributing to lower inflammation of the mucous membranes.

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