ProBiota HistaminX Powder | 22.23g
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ProBiota HistaminX Powder | 22.23g

ProBiota HistaminX Powder is a unique probiotic supplement designed for those sensitive to histamine. It excludes strains known to produce high levels of histamine in the gut.

Most probiotic strains naturally produce histamine in the body. This can cause adverse reactions in people who struggle with excess histamine or histamine intolerance.

ProBiota HistaminX Powder is a histamine-friendly probiotic. Unlike most probiotics, it is meticulously formulated to exclude the different strains of bacteria known to produce histamine. It’s a great option for those struggling with histamine intolerance or looking for a probiotic that avoids excess histamine production in the gut.

If you have histamine intolerance, it may seem like the only way to avoid unpleasant side effects is to eliminate high-histamine foods altogether. However, a low-histamine diet can be restrictive and end up depriving your body of certain nutrients. It can also make enjoying your meals an unnecessary challenge!

Your gut health is a key factor in maintaining healthy histamine levels throughout your body. With nearly 400 5-star reviews, our ProBiota HistaminX product line is best-selling for good reasons. Thousands of people worldwide use it every day to support healthy gut bacteria and histamine metabolism. Whether or not you struggle with histamine, ProBiota HistaminX Powder will support your daily gut health in an easy powder delivery.

Because there is no acid-resistant component to this powder form, you will want to consume it with food to prevent stomach acid degradation of the microbes. Simply add to smoothies or sprinkle on food for a healthy histamine recipe!

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