SIBO Breath Test

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What’s the science?

SIBO stands for Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth. It occurs when bacteria travel from your large intestine (where they should be) to your small intestine (where they shouldn’t be). Left to its own devices, SIBO can lead to difficult digestion and a variety of other symptoms.

Why choose this test?

  • Use the simple, at-home test kit to collect samples of your breath.

  • Return the samples to the lab for analysis and find out if you have SIBO.

  • Receive resources and personalised advice to help you take action.

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  • A simple, at-home test kit

  • Pre-paid return envelope

  • Practitioner-reviewed results

  • Easy-to-understand test reports

  • Personalised nutrition and lifestyle advice

Each test kit includes:

1 x test instructions

1 x dietary advice sheet

1 x request form

1 x 15ml lactulose dose

1 x blue 'EasySampler' mouthpiece and bag

1 x 'EasySampler' instruction sheet

10 x glass tubes

10 x sample tube labels

1 x bubble wrap return packet

1 x cardboard box for return

1 x postal bag

1 x return address label

To make your test results as accurate as possible, it's important you follow these guidelines.

  1. Do NOT eat high-fibre or slowly digesting foods on the day before the test.

  1. You must not eat for 8–12 hours before taking the test, but you can drink water. You also must avoid eating during the 3-hour test period. Most people prefer to take the test first thing in the morning, as they would have naturally fasted overnight.

  1. If you're taking antibiotics or herbal antimicrobials, wait 4 weeks after finishing the course of treatment before taking this test. You must NOT stop a course of antibiotics in order to take the test. Avoid taking probiotics for 48 hours before taking the test.

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