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QH Absorb Ubiquinol 200mg - 60 Softgels | Jarrow Formulas

QH Absorb® contains CoQ10 in its reduced active form ubiquinol. It supports mitochondrial health and cardiovascular function.

• Supports mitochondrial function and energy production

• Supports healthy cell metabolism

• Can help support cardiovascular health

• Can replenish levels of CoQ10 depleted by statins

• Can help regulate blood pressure

• Can be easily assimilated and used by the body, especially older individuals

CoQ10 is a nutrient that supports the function of the mitochondria (the power factories or our cells). CoQ10 is found in greater abundance in the cells of energy-rich tissues like the heart and eyes. As we age our levels of CoQ10 decrease. Taking statins also depletes the body of CoQ10. Ubiquinol, the reduced, active, antioxidant form of Co-Q10 is significantly better absorbed than regular Co-Q10. Jarrow Formulas’ proprietary QH-absorb® formula has been shown clinically in humans to increase Co-Q10 levels by 222%.

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