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Vitamin A 10,000 IU - 120 Softgels | Pure Encapsulations

Vitamin A supports cellular health, immune function and healthy vision.

• Supports the normal function of the immune system

• Contributes to the maintenance of healthy skin

• Supports a healthy vision

• Needed for healthy growth

• Important for reproductive function

• Can protect eyes from night blindness

Vitamin A is important for many function in the body. The vitamin A in this supplement comes from Atlantic cod liver oil and is the most bioavailable form ready for the body to use. We need vitamin A to contribute to a healthy immune system, and it is very important for eye cells, maintain healthy vision and avoid night blindness. Vitamin A has antioxidant properties and can benefit every cell in the body, including reproductive system cells and skin cells, where it contributes to maintain a youthful appearance.

Suggested use is 1 capsule daily.

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