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Collagen Plant Based Protein Peptides (Vanilla Flavour) - 500g | Sunwarrior

Collagen Building Protein Peptides contains all plant-based collagen building ingredients to help improve skin and connective tissue.

• Rich in vitamin C to support the body’s production of collagen

• High in amino acids, the building blocks of protein

• Helps to support connective tissue in joints

• Contributes to healthy hydrated skin

• Can benefit nails and hair

• Keto friendly

Collagen is important for many aspects of health, since it helps to repair and support cells around the body. It contributes to healthy skin, hair and nails but also supports the gut lining, to contribute to healthy digestion. Collagen forms part of cartilage tissue and can help improve joint health. This plant-based formula contains hyaluronic acid and biotin as well as high levels of vitamin C, to support the body’s ability to make collagen. Soya free, gluten free and with no added sugars. 100% vegan.

Suggested use is 1 scoop per day mixed into a drink.

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