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EPA/DHA Essentials - 90 Softgels | Pure Encapsulations

EPA/DHA Essentials by Pure Encapsulations contains the essential nutrients EPA and DHA from fish oil. It has been purified and tested for contaminants, to ensure they are the best quality possible.

- EPA and DHA contribute to normal heart function

- DHA supports normal, healthy vision

- DHA is needed for healthy brain function

- May be beneficial for mental health

- May be beneficial for joint health

- May help to reduce inflammation, benefiting overall health and reducing the risk of chronic disease

EPA and DHA are a source of Omega-3 essential fatty acids, which are present in oily fish. It is recommended that adults consume two portions of oily fish a week. However, many people do not even consume one portion a week, which can lead to deficiencies. An EPA and DHA supplement is therefore beneficial for those who do not eat enough - or any - oily fish. EPA and DHA are essential nutrients for many aspects of health, including brain health and function, heart health and reducing the risk of strokes and can also support mental health. Research has shown it can help to support those with depression. EPA and DHA can also support joints and may be beneficial for those with arthritis or joint issues.

Suggested use is 1-2 capsules daily.

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