Fulvic Active 400X | 120ml

Mother Earth Labs
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  • Contains concentrated fulvic 
  • Supports nutrition
  • Super antioxidant

Mother Earth Labs Inc is an American company based in San Antonio, TX that provides high-quality nutritional supplements developed by a biochemist.

  • High-quality products
  • Free of gluten, soy, binders, additives, artificial ingredients or chemicals
  • Organic, non-GMO
  • Vegan and vegetarian friendly
  • Based on scientific research
  • GMP manufacturing

Containing concentrated fulvic rich in essential macro, micro, and trace minerals and elements in their “cell-ready” forms delivered directly to the cells, this formula supports nutrition and is a super antioxidant. This supplement contains comprehensive nutrients, minerals and vitamins in a proprietary formula to support overall wellness and health.

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  • A PROFESSIONAL STRENGTH FULVIC PRODUCT delivers the Fulvic Concentration you should expect in a superior quality Fulvic product. 
  • Fulvic Supercharges Nutrient Absorption and Delivery to the Cell of nutrients from food, supplements, and the baseline vitamins, amino acids, phytonutrients, and macro, micro, and trace minerals, electrolytes, and elements that Fulvic naturally carries. Fulvic is NATURE'S OWN Nutrient Transport and Delivery System to the Cells!
  • Fulvic molecules act like ""mini-batteries"" providing electrons to help charge cell membranes and support cell membrane dynamics for optimal cellular function.
  • When cells and cell membranes are fully charged, nutrients are absorbed more easily into cells. Nutrients must be absorbed into cells to be used in the biochemical processes that support life. These processes only occur INSIDE the cells. Also, acidic waste products produced in normal biochemical processes can build-up when the cell membrane dynamics are not functioning well.  This can significantly impair cellular function and health. 
  • Fulvic also provides electrons that help restore or optimize cellular energetics - especially in the mitochondria, the cell's powerhouse, so the mitochondria can produce the energy we need for life and vitality.
  • Practitioners often use Fulvic to help jumpstart the cell's natural detox functions, especially for chronically ill patients. Fulvic has also been shown in studies to help detox heavy metals and mineral metals even in deepest tissue.
  • FULVIC MINERALS SUPER CONCENTRATE 400X was rated a superior Fulvic Product on all benchmarks (concentration, purity, activity, and others) in head-to-head laboratory analysis of Fulvic Acid products.
Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 2ml  (40 drops)
Serving Per Container: 60
  Amount Per Serving %Daily Value
Fulvic Acid 2 ml *
Also Includes up to 80+ Naturally occuring  Fulvic Transported, Ionic (Cell-Ready) Macro, Mirco and Trace Minerals and Elements.†
*Daily Value (DV) not established.


  • Fulvic is generally very well tolerated. Practitioners may advise sensitive patients to work up slowly to avoid uncomfortable detox symptoms. These symptoms may be due to Fulvic helping to restore cell membrane dynamics so waste products that have been trapped inside cells are released too rapidly.
  • A Fulvic supplement is best taken with a full glass of pure non-chlorinated water and away from prescription medications. Fulvic may increase or reduce the effectiveness of medications. Many practitioners advise waiting at least half an hour before or one hour after taking most prescription medications before taking Fulvic, but please check with your practitioner first.
  • Some patients add Fulvic Minerals Super Concentrate 400X to a water bottle and sip throughout the day.
  • Athletes add Fulvic Minerals Super Concentrate 400X to their water bottle as a healthy alternative to Gatorade to restore electrolytes (minerals) and charges to help recover after heavy workouts. One to two dropper pulls (a dropper pull fills the pipette up halfway) is often all that is needed of the 400X Super-Concentrate.

2 Droppers full or 40 drops per day is often what is suggested by practitioners (a dropper full fills the dropper just half way). A 60-day supply using two droppers per day. Up to 4 droppers may be taken if needed.

Titrate up to 40 drops/2ml daily for Maintenance. Up to 80 drops/4mls can be taken if needed. 

Best if added to pure-chlorinated water. Take in the morning or add to drinking water and sip throughout the day.  

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