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Leapfrog IMMUNE - 15 Tablets | Leapfrog Remedies

Leapfrog IMMUNE chewable tablets support the body with premium grade Lactoferrin (sourced from cow’s milk), Zinc & Vitamin C.

• Helps to support the immune system
• Contains lactoferrin, a natural antiviral and antibacterial protein
• Supports healthy gut microflora
• Contains zinc that helps fight inflammation
• Contains vitamin C to further support immunity
• Supports a healthier stress response

IMMUNE formula contains 3 powerful ingredients to help support immunity and overall health. Lactoferrin is an iron binding glycoprotein and has immunomodulatory properties. Chewable tablets allow absorption to begin in the mouth. Easy to take and maximum efficacy. It can be used at the onset of an infectious episode or on an ongoing basis to maintain immune support over time.
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