Life & Soul Pure Omega (Clinical Strength Daily Mini Capsules)| 120 Capsules

Bare Biology
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  • Supports healthy brains, healthy eyes and a healthy heart
  • Contains 3,500 mg Omega 3 per 5 ml
  • In natural triglyceride form for optimum absorbency

Bare Biology is a UK brand based in Brighton, the UK that provides sustainably harvested supplements.

  • High standards of harvesting and production
  • Only sustainable sources
  • Only use small wild fish, like anchovies and sardines, from clean and deep waters
  • High levels of EPA and DHA
  • Free from heavy metals and other substances often found in fish oils
  • No fishy aftertaste like most fish oil supplements 
  • All products manufactured in Norway and the UK

This formula contains a super high concentration of 3,500 mg Omega 3 per 5 ml and EPA at 2,000 mg and DHA at 1,000 mg. Omega oils contribute to cardiovascular, brain and visual health. One teaspoon is enough to offer the daily recommended dosage. This formula is in a natural triglyceride form for optimum absorbency and easy digestion. As with all Bare Biology products, this omega oil supplement is sustainably harvested from sardine, anchovy and mackerel from clean waters. This product has a great fresh lemon flavour.

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  • An extra high concentration of EPA (860mg) + DHA (440mg) with 1,460 Omega 3 per dose of 4 tiny capsules
  • Super easy to swallow
  • Fish gelatin capsules, never pork & beef.
  • Contributes to cardiovascular, brain & visual health
  • Natural triglyceride form for optimum absorbency. 
  • Each batch is independently certified & awarded a 5-star rating for purity, freshness & strength by the International Fish Oil Standards
  • Fully published certificates of analysis for every batch. 
  • Always sustainably & responsibly fished. Made from wild sardine, anchovy & mackerel from clean waters. 
Nutritional Facts
Serving Size: 4 Capsules
Servings Per Container: 30
  Amount Per Serving
Omega 3 (TG) 1,460 mg
Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) 860 mg
Docosahexaenoic (DHA) 440 mg
other Omega 3s 160 mg
Vitamin E 6.4 mg

Allergy advice: Contains fish

No unnecessary ingredients

Bare Biology use sustainably sourced fish gelatin because they think it's wrong to put fish oil inside beef or pork gelatin, especially if you don't eat meat. 

They don't add any flavour because there's nothing to taste; it means it's also suitable for people with citrus allergies. 

They add a tiny bit of Vitamin E - a natural antioxidant that helps preserve the freshness of the fish oil. 

Safe for pregnancy & breastfeeding

Unlike fish liver oils, Lion Heart doesn't contain any Vitamin A (which can be harmful in large doses during pregnancy).

We also have capsule specifically for pre-conception, pregnancy & breastfeeding called Bump & Glory. 

One daily capsule provides an optimum dose of DHA, which is critical for both mother & baby. 

Important storage details

Your capsules will remain in peak condition if stored with the firmly closed in a cool place. There's no need to refrigerate and you can take them with you when travelling. Do not use if product safety seal is broken or missing. Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet and healthy lifestyle. Consult your doctor before taking if you have any medical condition(especially blood thinners).

Adults & children over 12 take 4 capsules daily. More may be taken, please see the leaflet inside. Suitable for pregnancy & breastfeeding. 

Four 500mg capsules a day provide an excellent level of EPA & DHA, equivalent to a tin of sardines. 


Adults, pregnant women & children over 12

Daily dose size 4 X 500 mg Capsules 
Total Omega 3 1,460 mg
Total EPA 860 mg
Total DHA 440 mg

Tips for Taking

It's best to take your capsules with meals - either all at once or spread throughout the day. Taking Lion Heart with food helps your body absorb it, and it can help you get into the habit of taking Omega 3.

We don't recommend breaking the capsules open to give to children as it's a bit fiddly and you'll waste some of the oil. If you really want to you can, but a better option might be Lion Heart liquid or their very own Super Hero for kids.

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