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Multivitamin Plus (Topical Patch 30 Day Supply) - 30 Patches | PatchMD

Multivitamin Plus Topical Patch is an easy to use patch that delivers a steady stream of multivitamins and minerals throughout the whole day. This allows the body to absorb vitamins and minerals gradually, ultimately leading to more being absorbed. It is a great way to ensure that you are getting an adequate intake of nutrients, some of which may be otherwise lacking from the diet.

- Helps to support the immune system

- Provides a source of antioxidants which can help to reduce the risk of developing certain diseases, protect cells and lower inflammation

- Supports breast, prostate and colon health

- Supports bone and joint health

- Helps to fill any nutritional gaps from the diet

- Used by hospitals and universities

It is always best to obtain vitamins and minerals from the diet, but often there can be nutritional gaps. Multivitamin Plus provides an effective way to fill these gaps. Additionally, the body can sometimes have increased demands for certain nutrients, for example, during times of stress or illness. These patches are trusted by hospitals and universities throughout.

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