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Nutrient 950E - 180 Capsules | Pure Encapsulations

Nutrient 950E by Pure Encapsulations is a multivitamin and mineral, which provides all the essential vitamins and minerals needed for health, in their most bioavailable and absorbable forms.

- Vitamin A, C, D and minerals zinc, selenium and copper support a healthy immune system

- Includes B vitamins, biotin, magnesium and iodine, which are needed for energy production

- Magnesium, folate, iron, vitamins B5 and B12 may help to reduce tiredness and fatigue

- Magnesium, calcium, manganese and vitamin D support bone health

- Supports healthy hair, nails and skin

- Helps to ensure no vitamin or mineral deficiencies

Nutrient 950E is a broad spectrum multivitamin and mineral and is a great choice if you're looking to fill any nutrient gaps and support your overall health. It provides high quality forms of vitamins and minerals and compliments a healthy, balanced diet. It supports the immune system, energy production and energy levels as well as bone and dental health.

Suggested use is 2 capsules daily.

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