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Optinositol™ offers both Myo-inositol and D-chiro-inositol in support of normal, healthy ovulation and maintenance of healthy insulin levels.

Healthy ovulation and insulin levels are two important components in the fertility process. Myo-inositol and d-chiro-inositol support these processes and promote oocyte quality

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Featured Ingredients:

  • Myo-inositol supports healthy ovulation regulation; maintains healthy levels of total and free testosterone; maintains healthy insulin sensitivity and glucose uptake
  • D-chiro-inositol maintains healthy total and free testosterone, androstenedione and prolactin; supports healthy ovulation regulation; maintains healthy insulin sensitivity and glucose uptake
  • Myo-inositol and D-chiro-inositol support healthy oocyte quality
  • Research indicates these two forms of inositol together are more supportive for maintaining insulin sensitivity than one form alone
Nutritional Information
Serving Size: 1 Scoop
Servings Per Container: Approx. 30
  Amount Per Serving % Daily Value
Myo-Inositol 4000mg
D-Chiro Inositol 200 mg
† Daily Value not established.



  • Avoid during nursing.
  • Caution with most pharmaceuticals.

Suggested Use:

One (1) scoop per day. Mix into water or juice and stir well until completely dissolved before drinking. May be taken with or without food.

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