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PC (Phosphatidylcholine) - 395ml | BodyBio

BodyBio PC is a phospholipid complex that can be used to support the health of your body's cells, benefiting every aspect of health. It combines four forms of phospholipids that are easily absorbed by the body.

- Supports cell health and structure

- May improve energy levels by supporting mitochondrial function, the energy powerhouses of our cells

- May help to support brain health and improve cognition

- May support digestive health by helping to strengthen the gut lining

- May support healthy liver function

- Supports nervous system health and mood regulation

Phospholipids play a major role in human health, and are necessary for every cell in our body. Without them, our cells would have no structure or form. PC includes phosphatidylcholine, the most abundant phospholipid in the body, yet most of us do not get enough of it from the diet. Supplementing with phospholipids can support all aspects of health, from the brain to the gut to liver function and nervous system function.

Derived from soy lecithin.

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