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ProButyrate 300mg - 120 Capsules | Tesseract

ProButyrate® contains butyric acid in its purest form to support healthy gut microbiome and improve gastrointestinal symptoms.

• Helps to support a healthy intestinal balance

• May help support IBS

• Can help improve diverticulitis

• May be beneficial in Crohn’s Disease

• Supports healthy integrity and normal permeability of the colonic mucosa

• Maximum absorption

Butyric Acid is a short chain fatty acid (SCFA) produced by beneficial bacteria in the gut. When levels of SCFA are insufficient gastrointestinal and systemic conditions may occur. Supplementing with butyric acid may lead to improvement in digestion and contributes to a healthier balance and diversity of beneficial bacteria in the gut. ProButyrate® supports a healthy inflammatory response in the gastrointestinal tract by delivering butyric acid in a formula that isolates and locks each individual molecule of this beneficial compound to be released one at time.

Suggested use is 1-3 capsules two times daily.

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